Trick or treatment?


 Soprano XL painless hair removal



What is it?

A new variation on traditional laser hair reduction when a single pulse of high energy is fired at an area of skin, destroying the follicle permanently. This method “wafts” the laser over large areas of skin, destroying the follicles more gradually, but leaving the skin undamaged.


Ouch factor?

None, although you might feel “a gentle warmth and the odd prickle”, says Dr Sach Mohan, an aesthetic physician (a GP who specialises in cosmetic procedures) and the clinical director of Renew Medica, the high street skin clinics. A normal laser treatment is often said to feel like an elastic band snapping against your skin.



A patch test is done 24 hours beforehand. The treatment time depends on which hairs are being removed. A bikini line and underarm together take about 30 minutes; top lip about 15. However, it's recommended that you have six sessions, four to six weeks apart.


Downtime None

You should be able to go straight back to the office and your colleagues will be none the wiser. The treatment doesn't remove the dead hair immediately; it has to work its way out, which starts about four or five days afterwards. There may be some redness, depending on your skin type, but no more than with waxing. Avoid perfume, hot baths and restrictive clothing for 48 hours after the treatment as they may irritate your skin.



Laser hair removal can be done by “medical aestheticians”, practitioners with beauty training up to NVQ level 3. Check that your clinic is registered with the Healthcare Commission ( , the independent watchdog for healthcare.



Painful Renew Medica at Urban Spa, Harrods, charges £450 a session for a half leg, £100 for underarms, £150 for a bikini line, £75 for a top lip. Remember that six sessions are recommended for permanent hair reduction.


Dermatologist's verdict

“Research suggests that this device does remove hair, but we don't know for how long. It's a new technique and this means there is no data on regrowth after six to 12 months,” says Dr Sean Lanigan, consultant dermatologist and group medical director of Sk:n, the skin clinics.


Trick or treatment?

Definitely a treatment.

SOURCE: Times Online
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