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“Having experienced painful IPL hair removal on my legs some years ago, the discovery of Soprano laser was a revelation! It’s completely pain free and very, very quick. I actually look forward to my appointments. I have now had my legs, bikini and underarms treated and I am delighted with the results. Fuss free, pain free. I would recommend this treatment to anyone considering laser hair removal.”
Linda Baker, 34, London

“Soprano has been amazing.  In the past I tried several other types of laser hair removal but found them so painful I could not continue.  I heard about Soprano through Court House Clinics and was told it was a new painless system.  I reluctantly decided to give it a go and it was true – realy pain free!  I have had sessions every 2 months or so over the past year for the hair on my chest and stomach and I am glad to see that I am becoming smoother by the month!”
Marcus Bentley, 31
"I have been having laser hair removal on my legs for several month with another laser before I tried the Soprano XL Painless one, I can't express how amazing this treatment is as it is truely PAINLESS! Results are better than I invisioned and I am keen to have other areas hair free with this method"
Sarah K, 27, Birmingham , UK
“In my mid 30’s I started to notice a little hair on my top lip and did the normal waxing and threading.  I thought this is so time consuming there must be a better way. A friend of mine who is also Asian recommended Soprano.  I was skeptical but I went along had a test patch and then had a treatment.  I thought I’m going to scar and its going to be painful.  BUT it was not at all.  If only I had done this awhile ago.  It’s great to find a laser treatment that works on Asian skins, which up until now had been a problem.”
Priya Shah, 36
"As I have dark skin, the lase hair removal was always painfull for me - recently I found the first laser that promisses to be painless. I am over the moon with this Soprano laser, it realy worked on my hair and without the pain.  I thougt I need to put up with pain as it goes with laser hand in hand, but now I don't have to - I highly recommend it to patients with dark skin like myself."
Ruppam P, 45, Hounslow, UK
“With red hair I was constantly told that I was an unsuitable candidate for laser and IPL hair removal, until I discovered Soprano laser hair removal.  It is the first system that has been able to successfully treat me without any problems.  It is totally painless and the results are fantastic, I would certainly recommend to anyone”.  
Lottie Marrable, 25
"I am very satisfied with my results from my laser hair removal with the Alma SHR system. I recommend it to everyone. Every hairy woman should do it."
Isuara R, 26, Glendale, AZ

"Recently I had a first-time client for laser hair removal. She was coming in for hair removal on her lip and was a little nervous about how it would feel. I suggested we try it on her underarm first before proceeding to her lip. We lasered one underarm and then her lip. She was surprised at how comfortable it was to have it done. Today she was back for her second treatment and she said, "I am so mad at you." I asked why. "I can't believe what a dramatic difference that made in one treatment - now I need to do my other underarm." It is amazing what dramatic results you can get so quickly."
Gail Gomez, RN, Laser User, Glow Medical Spa, Phoenix, AZ

"Our clients and technicians love the SopranoXL. Treatments can be performed quickly and safely. The IN-Motion treatment is much less tedious for our technicians. Since we are doing multiple passes, we don't have to worry about missed spots, or double-pulsing our clients. Several clients have described the treatment as feeling like a 'warm massage.' Ellen G., who started treatments with the conventional mode on the Soprano, came in for her third treatment after we had upgraded to the XL, and her comment of, "Wow, that was way better" sums up general client sentiment to the treatment. The results we are seeing in our clients are equal to or better than those we saw with the conventional method. With the conventional method, clients with low pain tolerance may not have seen ideal results because we were limited in how much energy we were able to treat them with. The SHR mode on the SopranoXL takes pain out of the equation and allows everyone to get an effective treatment and excellent results."
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